High Voltage Alapahas


Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs are a protective and loyal breed. Our puppies are very healthy and come from well-known bloodlines. They have been raised in my home with children, as part of my family. They are great with children and other dogs when trained by a gentle but firm hand. These pups are something you don't see everyday, they are a sight to behold and sure to impress. 

High Voltage Alapaha's Morticia 

About the breed

The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog was the “plantation dog” of the Alapaha river region of South Georgia and descended from the British Bulldog that arrived in North America in the 1700’s. The breed was on the verge of extinction. This breed is most definitely a working dog, expected and able to track lost animals, guard livestock and corral cattle and pigs. The Alapaha is called Blue Blood because of a distinct martial bearing and prideful manner with which it seems to carry itself.

Today the Alapaha is being bred for companionship and security. A sturdy, muscular, agile and unexaggerated bulldog. The head is large, flat across the top and square with eyes set well apart. The chest is wide and deep, the forelegs straight, with extremely thick bone; the well muscled hips are narrower than the chest. He is strong and intelligent, makes an excellent companion and guard dog. They are protective of their territory and whatever else they are instructed to watch over. They are also an ideal pet dog, protective over the master’s family, for whom he has great affection, and loves children. Alapahas are docile with a very sweet character. They reflect before acting but would not hesitate to defend their human or animal family.

Height: Males: up to 24 inches Females: up to 23 inches

Weight: Males: 70- 100 lbs Females: 60- 80 lbs

Colors: Chocolate, red, blue, white, black, seal, merle and brindle.

Temperament: Protective, Intelligent

Category: Rare, Working